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School Projects
Initial Funding needed: US$ 100,000 (Returnable 2x in 10 months)
We are assisting a group of parents and teachers in to raise the initial and the project funding for building new schools, to replace hurricane damaged ones in Dominica, and St Kitts.

These schools will be self-sustainable in terms of electricity and water, and will incorporate a wide variety of skill training in its curriculum, to enable students to take up jobs, or start their  own business after finishing school.
Please see the website for an overview of the projects, and what they will have to offer to students.

They're open to accepting sponsorships for the School ($ 1.2 million), Golf Course ($ 750,000), and Auditorium ($ 500,000).
Damaged School
New School
What will be created
The new buildings will be designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane in Dominica, and a Category 4 hurricane in St Kitts. They would be self-sustainable in terms of water, electricity, and food.

The new schools will encompass academics as well as a wide range of skill training, in tune with current trends, enabling students to start a career after finishing school or going for further studies.
It is proposed to have an operational funding structure in place to manage the schools so that there is no financial burden on students, and the recurring expenses would be generated through returns on investments managed by a Foundation or Trust.

Link for more details (will open in a new window)

Note for Potential Funder's on Initial Funding
An initial funding for this project is invited from philanthropists, foundations, trusts, funders, sponsors, and facilitators, which is targeted towards providing hurricane-proof self-sustaining structures for schools. The entity assisting in raising the project funds, (around US$ 14 to $16 million), will use a bank managed procedure to return 2X the funding amount in 10 months.

Image credits: Alex Block, Sebastian Pena Lambarri, redcharlie at unSplash.com
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