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Note for Potential Funder's on Initial Funding
To clear any confusion, an initial funding is being invited from philanthropists, foundations, trusts, sponsors (for the school), funders, and facilitators. The three projects are targeted towards the benefit of communities, and profit sharing with them, (except the school), which preclude commercial profits, therefore no investors are being invited at this point. The entity assisting in raising the project funds, (around US$ 14 to $30 million for each project), will use a bank managed procedure to return 2X the funding amount in 18 months.

Lake Revival Vertical Farm
Lake Revival Project —
Volta Region, Ghana

Initial Funding needed:
US$ 1 to 1.5 m

Integrated Farming Projects, Punjab, India
Initial Funding needed:
US$ 1 to 1.5 m (or INR equivalent)
School Projects and Other Projects in the Caribbean
Initial Funding needed:
US$ 1 to 1.5 m
We have been approached by a group of women in the Volta region of Ghana, to
assist them in raising funds for a project for the revival of dried lakes in their area.
Overview ——>
The first project is being located in a cotton-growing district in Punjab, with the objective of developing alternate sources
of income, employment generation, and skill development. It will primarily be a women-oriented project. 
Overview ——>
We are assisting a group of parents and teachers in raising the initial and the
project funding for building new schools, to replace hurricane-damaged ones in Dominica, and St Kitts and Nevis.
Overview ——>


Project Funding
We will continue to arrange Project Funding through 2019 from our contacts in the alternate market.
Minimum funding amount: US$ 25 million (≈ INR 175 crores).
Promoters should be prepared to spend a commitment amount to cover expenses required for generating funds. Minimum: US$ 450,000.


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