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Hartej Baksh Singh
has over 50 years experience covering diverse fields which includes manufacture of piezolelectric ceramics (ultrasonics and allied applications); panelist for setting standards (ISI 6391–1971); marketing of services, management consultancy, executive recruitment and placement; development of computer hardware and software. Interaction and negotiation with the Government of India for legislation on behalf of a world leader in airborne surveying and exploration, as their Executive Director in India, (process started in 1991 and firmed up in NMP 1993). Over 20 years in pre-press services for major publishers in India and abroad and organizations like World Bank, UNDP, ASI, AnSI, ICHR, etc. in association with Rekha Singh. Current interests include renewable energy, waste recycling, low-cost medicare, and agro-industrial projects.

Rekha Singh
has over 29 years experience covering quality control for pre-press and print publishing for major publishers in India and abroad. Current interests includes women's economic empowerment, rural medicare, and education.

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