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Integrated Farming Project, Punjab, India
Initial Funding needed:
US$ 350,000 to 1.4 m (approx INR 2.5 to 10 crores)
(USD-INR exchange rate on 24 August 2019)
Integrated Farming Project
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The first project is being located in a cotton-growing district in Punjab, with the objective of developing alternate sources of income, employment generation, and skill development. It will primarily be a women-oriented project.
     The intent is to produce chemical- and pesticide-free produce in an area which has Arsenic in sub-soil water.
     The business model is based on value-addition of whatever is produced, by the project and partnering with farmers, with delivery to owned and selected retail outlets, thereby overcoming a major marketing challenge.
Note on Initial Funding
As projects are targeted towards the benefit of communities, which precludes commercial profits, we have arranged with the entity assisting us in raising the project funds, (around US$ 14 million), to make it possible to return 2X the initial funding amount in 18 months, to the funder.

Highlights of Controlled Environment Soilless Farming

Growing is not dependent on climatic factors.
Faster growing times, therefore multiple harvests in a year.
Minimal usage of water. Can be located in a desert area.

An Integrated Farming Project would essentially comprise:
Power from: Solar, Wind, Waste (zero pollution, zero waste)
Floriculture >>> Essential Oils >>> Perfumes
Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits >>> Food Processing
Solar powered cold storage
Rainwater Harvesting >>> Fish Farming
Cotton >>> Ginning, Spinning, Weaving >>> Textiles
           >>> Seed  >>> Oil Extraction  >>> Oil, Seed Cake 
Generated biomass to >>> Gas  >>> Electricity
Solar-Wind Power
Skill Centre
The Farming Project will be supporting this community project. The group of young people we are looking at to be trained at the Skill Centre, are those who would not be able to continue with further studies at the college and university level, mainly because of the economic conditions of their households, but still possess a degree of latent talent. The idea is to provide these youngsters with the skills, tools and financial support, to enable them to either take up jobs in the areas of their choice, or to launch independent careers.
More at Hunar.

School Projects
Initial Funding
for School Projects in the Caribbean

Initial Funding needed:
US$ 1 to 1.5 million
(Returnable 2x in 18 months).
We are assisting a group of parents and teachers in to raise the initial and the project funding for building new schools, to replace hurricane damaged ones in Dominica, and St Kitts.
Please see the website for an overview of the projects, and what they will have to offer to students.

They are open to acceptings sponsorships for the School, Golf Course, and Auditorium. Amounts are listed on the website.
Damaged School

New Directions

Over 2019 and 2020 Quintillion will be involved in implementing projects in the areas of our interest in a phased manner, viz.
  • Controlled environment horticulture, floriculture, and herbiculture
  • Extraction of aromatic and essential oils, and creation of perfumes
  • Organic farming
  • Cold storages and refrigerated transportation
  • Food processing
  • Renewable energy from solar, wind, biomass, and waste
  • Fuels from biomass, waste, and plastics
  • Water generation, harvesting, recycling, and desalination
  • Fish Farming
  • Paper, Textiles, Plastics, Oil and other products from Industrial Hemp
  • Remediation of degraded land
  • Promotion of rural innovation
We are in the process of putting together the framework which would be required for implementation of each of these areas, and our website will be updated accordingly as and when implementation takes place.

Project Funding
We will continue to arrange Project Funding through 2019 from our contacts in the alternate market.
Minimum funding amount: US$ 25 million (≈ INR 175 crores).
Promoters should be prepared to spend a commitment amount to cover expenses required for generating funds. Minimum: US$ 350,000.


Image credits: Alex Block, Sebastian Pena Lambarri at unSplash.com
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